Purple Finch Productions

Six bodies found dead in Concord, NH

The idea: This concept for a spooky movie was the brainchild of CharmLab: Shelley Fajans and her brother Greg.  When I first got in contact with them about a video partnership, right away, this was an idea they had brewing.

The script: I wrote the shot list and script after looking around the CharmLab office and adjacent property.  Snow Pond seemed like the perfect place to film this kind of video, because it’s a tranquil pond with little activity in October.  The abandoned trailer next door with the caved-in chicken coop and “Beware of Dog” sign was perfect.

Judee as the villain: Judee had a near-death experience this past summer.  She’s 13, small, and harmless, so making her the dog villain seemed humorous.  You see the silly pillow-case ghost, the “Beware of Dog” sign, and then you see the other, bigger dogs and realize they are not the perpetrator, so it’s funny to have Judee revealed as the ghost at the end.  She even dropped the bone on cue after Shelley delivered her line.

The talent: I have to give a huge thanks to the Kimball Jenkins crew: Robert Dorr for organizing everyone, Laura Nicole Spencer for doing the makeup, and Tori Pond Duke and Susan Huppi for joining them as zombies, or petrified people, or whatever they were.  I enjoyed making friends with them.  They were great to work with!

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