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Stop DIY'ing your clients's videos!

Have you been Struggle Bus-ing the experience of filming content for a client on an iPhone, trying to edit it with some free software, and getting that awful, natural sound effect from filming in a large room?!  STOP!  We got this!

Working at a marketing agency, you already know video is king in today’s digital and social media arena.  Let us create the content for your clients so that you can focus on using it for paid advertising, website development, SEO rankings, organic social content, and all the other digital initiatives that we trust you in as the expert.

You're the experts in those digital marketing fields.  We're the experts in the video production field.  Let's create a partnership!

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Our Process


Phase 1: Plan

We want to know the WHY for your clients being in business, and we will have a face-to-face meeting with you via a video call to learn more about your marketing plan for the client.  This will allow us to create a plan that ensures we ask the interview questions and get the video shots which will best tell their story.


Phase 2: Film

On the day of the filming, we will show up prepared to capture the story of your client's business in a way that creates minimal interference to operations.  We want to capture the story of the business in its natural habitat.  Our camera gear is designed to be mobile: small in stature (not in price), a gimbal, wireless clip-on microphone, a drone that could fit in a purse, etc.


Phase 3: Produce

Following the filming day, our expectation with standard, paid-in-full clients is that we will deliver the video to review with your client within 21 days of filming.  We ask that clients provide edits within one week to allow us to complete and deliver the final product in a timely fashion.

Our Packages

Let's Create a Win-Win-Win

Here’s how this will work successfully for all of us:

For Purple Finch Productions, we are offering a discount off our list pricing.  Partnering with your marketing agency on an annual contract allows us to create a long-term, reliable relationship with you to support both your goals and ours.

For your marketing agency, you have the opportunity to leverage professional video for your clients’s marketing plans without feeling overcommitted to producing it.  You are encouraged to monetize our services, as our discount allows you the ability to markup the video production.

For your clients, they get access to professional video services as a part of their marketing plan.  We created our discount at a price point that allows you to share the savings with your clients as a value-add to their partnership with you.

Our expectation is create this partnership as an annual contract.

We also partner with agencies in other capacities.  However, shorter term or one-off projects do not create the consistency for us to offer the same level of discount as an annual contract.

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Our Clients


Jamie Simchik

The Hotel Concord

Working with Jonathan was incredibly easy. He was very professional and his work product was of a very high quality. Jonathan did a great job covering Winter Fest, capturing all the fun and excitement. We definitely look forward to working with him again in the future.


Katie Parent


Purple Finch was very responsive and adaptive to working with our organization. They met all of our AV needs and went above and beyond to ensure our videos and events were executed as we had envisioned.


Deborah Ritcey

Granite State Independent Living

Jonathan was well informed of the services GSIL provides and had a keen sense of our end goal. Jonathan captured all the key elements of being an attendant car employee and was able to tell a story most people have yet to experience.  Jonathan was prepared, considerate, engaged, well informed, and most of all, a professional.


Meagan Sbat

Get Fit NH

Jonathan was awesome to work with! He created a thoughtful and meaningful plan and the execution was easy. Being on camera is an uncomfortable and awkward experience but he managed to pick out the awkwardness and piece together a powerful message that has resonated strongly with my clients.

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