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Creating Video for Live and Virtual Events

Physically Distanced, Socially Together

In our current environment of physical distancing, we are rethinking the way we interact and celebrate with one another.  As a society, we are turning toward video interactions as a form of personal and face-to-face communication.

Purple Finch Productions has pivoted to provide video of virtual events.  Some of our recent projects include birthday party parades, Zoom-based memorial services, and virtual graduations.  What's next?

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Our Process


Phase 1: Plan

The most important element to creating a successful event video is to communicate on the plan.  With over 15 years of experience in filming live events, we find it most beneficial to develop a schedule and identify video shots of interest before arriving to film your event.


Phase 2: Film

Our expectation when filming an event is that we are always present, but never in the way.  We understand there is often a need to adapt to changes from the set itinerary.  Our 15 years of experience give us confidence and composure to help handle changes as they arise.


Phase 3: Produce

Following the filming of the event, our expectation with standard, paid-in-full packages is that we will deliver the video to you for review within 21 days of filming.  You will then have up to one week to review the video for a round of edits before we digitally deliver your final product.

Our Packages

Live or Virtual Event Fliming

$125 / Hour

  • We will create a formal proposal in which we provide a firm price based on the agreed upon scope of work.
  • We find that the labor for most single-day events is generally somewhere between 8-20 hours depending on the nature of the event.
  • We are located in Hanover, NH, and we factor in our travel as a part of our time.
  • This cost is NOT based on the number of hours we are actually on-location. It is based on all labor hours.

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Virtual Graduation

$3,500 (Estimated Rate)

  • We are able to provide video solutions for virtual or distanced graduations.
  • We understand each educational institution is attempting to conduct its own form or graduation and can be a part of the brainstorming process.
  • Some ideas we're currently working on include providing pre-recorded content for virtual streaming ceremnoies, as well as in-person filming for distanced-based ceremonies.
  • We are in the process of acquiring technology for live streaming from our cameras to a live streaming service, so those unable to attend in person can watch online.

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Virtual Worship Services

$750 + Travel

  • Your final product will be an edited, succinct worship service that you can share with your congregation.
  • Filming on-location at your worship center.
  • Tight, close-up video shots with clean audio that allow for a much smoother viewing experience than video streaming services.
  • Our creator (business title, not Biblical reference) is a practicing Christian, and thus most familiar with Christian services, but is open to providing video for any religious worship service.

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Virtual Memorial Services

$1,000 + Travel

  • The final product will be an edited, succinct service that you can share to remember the life of your loved one.
  • Filming on-location for the memorial serice.
  • Ability to setup and manage Zoom so that friends may watch and participate.

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Our Portfolio

WinterFest in Concord, NH
An 86th Birthday Parade
Remembering Bob Leister

Our Clients


Jamie Simchik

The Hotel Concord

Working with Jonathan was incredibly easy. He was very professional and his work product was of a very high quality. Jonathan did a great job covering Winter Fest, capturing all the fun and excitement. We definitely look forward to working with him again in the future.

Amanda and Marcus Freeman

Wedding 10.26.2019

Jonathan was absolutely incredible in capturing every special moment of our wedding! He was so wonderful to work with, always passing along tips and tricks during planning, checking in to make sure things were going smoothly, and was very relaxed and easy to talk to in the months leading up to our big day.

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