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Our Collegiate Sports Background

Our Creator, Jonathan Stallsmith, attended the University of Southern California.  For four years, he was employed by the Athletic Video Department, where he covered a wide variety of NCAA Division 1 sports including football, baseball, basketball, soccer, volleyballl, water polo, and tennis.

He also played hockey at USC.  After graduation, he worked as a video producer in the NFL for the San Francisco 49ers and later in the NASCAR industry.

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Our Process


Phase 1: Game Planning

This is our opportunity to get to know you as a student-athlete, so we can best tell your story through video.  By completing a 30-minute video call with us, you can share your goals and aspirations for both college and athletics, so we can create the perfect college recruiting video for your interests.


Phase 2: Film Submission

Our Student-Athlete Package anticipates that you already have film of your games and have identified highlights you would like us to consider for the video.  We allow for digital submission of your video clips so that we can help athletes across the country with their video needs.


Phase 3: Video Production

Now that you've done your homework, we're ready to help you pass this admissions test!  Within 21 days of film submission, you can expect to digitally receive your college recruiting video for review.  Don't worry, we allow one round of edits on your video if you find anything you would like changed.

Our Packages

The Student-Athlete Package


  • Two (2) college application videos: one for college athletic recruiting, and one for college admissions.
  • Your college athletic recruiting video will run approximately 6-8 minutes in length and follow this format:
  • - A customized* introduction with your name, the coach's name, and the school of interest.
  • - A graphic of your personal statistics with voiceover of you reading the stats.
  • - Top-10: Your personal top plays in order from 1-10.
  • - Best-3: Four to six great plays in each of three of the best games you've ever played.
  • - A customized* outro message on your "why" for taking interest in a school.
  • - Utilizes professionally-produced highlight music to make your video stand out.
  • Your college admissions video will be a 2-3 minute edited interview expressing your interest in the academic programs offered by each school to which you have customized an athletic recruiting video.
  • *Customized videos are designed to deliver a message specfically to the coach and the school you want to recruit you. Our Student-Athlete Package includes up to 10 customized schools, along with one non-customized version. This is our base package. We do not offer a discount for less than 10 customized messages.

Recruiting Form

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The All Star (Filming)

$1,000 / Three Games + Travel

  • Student-athletes are encouraged to submit previously filmed games.
  • For those that do not have any or enough good-quality film of their games, we do travel in New England.
  • This package includes filming for three selected games based on our availability.
  • After filming the games, we will go through the film to identify your best plays and incorporate them into your recruiting video.
  • Filming of non-game training or workouts available and priced by request at $100/hour.
  • Travel is not included and will be billed in addition to the package.

Recruiting Form

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Scholar's Choice (Applying)

$100 / Additional School

  • Our Student-Athlete Package includes up to 10 customized schools, along with one non-customized version.
  • Customized messages to additional schools beyond the base of 10 may be created in allotments of five schools.

Recruiting Form

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Trainer's Table (Film Study)

$250 / Game

  • Student-athetes are encouraged to identify their highlight-worthy plays by providing game film with the timecode at which the highlights occur.
  • For those student-athletes looking for some extra help with selecting plays, we will review each game film to identify your best plays.

Recruiting Form

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Leonard Andrew Consulting logo

Purple Finch Productions has a preferred partnership with Leonard Andrew Consulting - a business built on the desire to see every client reach their potential - while applying, during their studies and beyond.  If you need help with your admissions process, including assessing which universities could be the best fit for you athletically, scholastically, and personally, we recommend working with Leonard Andrew Consulting.

This will benefit our work with you, as it will allow us to create videos targeted at the schools that are most likely to consider you for admission as a student-athlete.  Please let Chad Dorman and his team at Leonard Andrew Consulting know that you were referred by Purple Finch Productions, so that we can strengthen our collective efforts to get you into your school of choice!

Commitment Agreement

At Purple Finch Productions, we commit to providing you with the best highlight reel we can create, based on the quality of footage provided that reflects your skills as an athlete.  The decision of which programs to pursue is that of the student-athlete, and the responsibility falls on the student-athlete to apply to the schools that best match their athletic skills and academic interests.  We do not offer any form of refund in the event that the student-athlete is unsuccessful in using the video to gain admittance into some or any of their choice schools.

Our Portfolio

Botros Alisandro, Football
USC Broadcast Reel
Ben Gloddy Racing Feature

Our Clients


Christina Day

Ben Gloddy Racing

Great pricing with quick turnaround and awesome quality! Jonathan was great to work with!


Meagan Sbat

Get Fit NH

Jonathan was awesome to work with! He created a thoughtful and meaningful plan and the execution was easy. Being on camera is an uncomfortable and awkward experience but he managed to pick out the awkwardness and piece together a powerful message that has resonated strongly with my clients.

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